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December 2006

This is trhe last update before it changes to a 1024 wide page. But I have some news.
Just out is the Ashes version which is available in Australia..
At the weekend, I played the new Mega Monopoly from Winning Moves US with my wife and a couple of friends. Click the picture for a larger version.
Mega Game
This was the second time this version was played in the United Kingdom as the staff at Winning Moves UK played it first. Will there be a U. K. version?

19th November 2006

Due to the poll results, this will probably be the last update for a while whilst I change it to a 1024 wide page. But I have some news.
Out in time for Christmas is the Newcastle United Football Club version which is available in the World of Monopoly Shop and here.
Newcastle United
Also, if you want to buy a good book for Christmas, then I recommend Phil Orbanes new book which is just out before Christmas and also mentions this site in twice. It is available in the World of Monopoly shop and here.
Newcastle United

7th November 2006

Spotted tonight are two new editions. The first is the Canadian version of Here & Now.
Mega 1
The second one is a Corporate edition from USAopoly for Sephora Cosmetics. Links about this game can be seen here, here, here, here and here.
Mega 1
Mega 2
They can be seen on the upcoming releases page.


Now available is the World of Monopoly Shop. Visit it here for lots of monopoly items.

Aberdeen Monopoly
Aberdeen Monopoly - Buy it here along with the Ipswich, Middlesbrough and Worcester editions.

What is World of Monopoly?

Monopoly is played around the world. With so many different boards, there is no site on the internet which tries to place all the different ones together.

All this needs help from the worldwide interests in the game and also makes this page an ongoing project all the time.

The U.K., U.S.A., Europe and World links go to places around the world and the "Other" tab links to editions which are not based on places/areas.

Please get in touch if you want to help.

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Nottingham U. K. Coming Soon!
New York City (1994) U.S.A. Coming Soon!
UK Original U. K. 1 of 33 properties done
USA Original U.S.A. 1 of 33 properties done
UK 70th (2005) U. K. 1 of 33 properties done
New Zealand World 29 of 33 properties done
FIFA World Cup 2006 Other ALL properties done

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