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Monopoly, as we all know it, was developed in the early 1930's by the late Charles B. Darrow of Germantown, Philadelphia, U.S.A. Born in 1889, he died in 1967 a millionaire.

The exact date was 1933 and Franklin Roosevelt is president of the United States of America and the U.S. nation was struggling to deal with the hardships imposed by the terrible Depression. Charles B. Durrow was an unemployed heating sales representative who lived in Mt. Airy in western Philadelphia.

Most people in Philadelphia loved to go on holiday to Atlantic City, which was the nation's most famous beach resort at that time and was only approximately 70 miles away and only took an hour by the fast high-speed train service.

Charles B. Durrow could no longer afford to go to Atlantic City, and due to the lack of money and enployment it inspired him to invent a game.

Original Board
Map of Atlantic City

He placed a circular oil cloth on his kitchen table and sketched out a gameboard and on an old typewriter typed up rules, title deed cards, and play money and from a nearby lumberyard he brought scraps of wooden mouldings and free paint samples which made little houses and hotels. To this he added a pair of dice and some coloured buttons for tokens.

His family and friends loved it and they all wanted copies. So for $4 he made one copy a day by hand, but he could not keep up with demand so he started paying a printer friend to help with "production".

He was now producing six copies a day.



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